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Welcome! I am glad you've made it!


My name is Helio Diamant, and I am mainly a business-person and a mobility geek. I am the owner of the Hebrew website www.pocketpcfreak.com, and of a consulting company called Go-Mobile Ltd., active in Israel.


PocketPCFreak.com was opened in 2001, and since then it has established itself as one of the leading mobility sites in Israel. During its 8 years of existence, the site has grown to dimensions I have never imagined it would have, with thousands of unique visitors every day, and a group of almost 10 writers taking care that the site is always updated. It's popularity is fantastic considering it is an Hebrew written website.


Born Mobile is NOT intended to be an English version of PocketPCFreak. It will have completely different content. While PocketPCFreak is mainly a Technology News Site, Born Mobile is set to be a personal blog. As such, I will mainly be writing on the site alone and by myself, publishing a very personal view of the mobile world of today. I will cover different aspects of my life, not necessarily phones, and those can be cars, motorbikes, trips abroad and the use of technology on them, development toos/techniques for mobility, etc.


Additionally, please don't expect the same amount of updates here that you have at PocketPCFreak. Differently from a news site, here I write when I have what to say. Best is to follow my twitter account (www.twitter.com/hdiamant) in order to know whenever I update it.


With that said, we are set to go. I hope you enjoy the trip.


Once again, welcome!