About all this fuss on the Turkish boat and the IDF attack

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I am currently in Mexico and seeing all the fuss in CNN about the happenings there at home.

Usually I don't involve politics in my website,and keep it only as a technology site, but once this did not stop TURKISH hackers from hacking it some months ago just because I am Israeli, I now feel free and comfortable to expose all the absurds in this story.

Unfortunately Israel has always been bad in propaganda. Propaganda is an Arab expertise. They know how to provoke others and then when responded to their provocation how cry as little sheep, blame the other side and ask  the worldfor their help. Everybody has already forgotten why Hammas is in Blockade; in simple English, it is called "more 3,000 rockets over Israel's civil population". Try to live like this, and let's see if there is one country in the world that wouldn't do much more than blockading Gaza.

During this blockade, Israel has kept two passages controlledly open, the Karny passage and the Erez passage, and through this passage they not only transfer food, medicine, humanitarian aid, and even fuel to the Palestinian, but they also bring to Israel sick people needing health care. I've heard something about Palestinian agricultural exports through those passages, but I am not sure. Additionally, Israel supply Gaza with all their needed electricity.

Now show me one other country which has been doing all this for more than 9 years while at the same time being shelled daily by the other side and I will give you a prize. Sure, there is no other country.

But since this doesn't sell newspapers, press keeps forgetting what is right and asking all the wrong questions, when they should be trying to reveal all that is behind.

So let's try to ask some right questions:

 1. Regarding the movie which was first released by the activists in the other ship, and then re-released by the IDF with marks on all the guys that first attacked the soldiers. Everyone that has at least one eye on this face can see that the soldiers come down and are brutally attacked even before they have the time to say something, never mind firing.... so why did nobody talk about that in the beginning? Where are the smart press members?

Additionally, if these guys had nothing to hide, why attack the soldiers? There have been many flotillas like this in the past that were verified by the IDF, taken to port, and then all the humanitarian aid sent in trucks to Gaza, and verified by the UN? Isn't this what they want, to get the aid to Gaza? So why attack the soldiers? Maybe the "aid" was intended to aid Hammas to kill more Israelis?

2. CNN has also been partying around a video of an interview with the guys from the other ship, telling that they were taken to port, escorted to the airport by Israeli security, and then deported back to Turkey. They "complain" that they couldn't even go to the bathroom without a security agent going together with them..... poor boys. They forgot they have invaded a country and are being deported. Every country does security escorts for deports. In the US, when I arrive in transit and don't have a visa, I am escorted by security to my gate.

But again, this is not the right question. The right question that was never asked by CNN is: why nobody at your boat got injured? Different Israelis? Surely not. Just the people on this boat reacted pacifically and were deported pacifically. The truth which nobody ever want to talk about is still the same: Israelis never attack before being attacked or discovering an attack plan.

3. Third question: why is this happenning now? Well, people that are well informed know that Israel is in peace talks with the Palestinian Authority, headed by the PLO. You don't need to be very informed to know as well that Iran funds the Hammas from Gaza, and these don't manage to be in peace even with their brothers from the PLO. And Iran, funding them, is really not interested in having Israel and the PLO signing a peace treaty. So our friend Ahmadinejaad sends his new dog, Turkey, which is very busy lately showing that it can be a good servant to Iran in hiding their Uranium, do do some activity to explode the peace talks. And this is what they came out with. Poor trick, but it might be working.

4. Now my last question: Let's suppose that the happenings were opposite: a group of Israeli anarchists would set a flotilla to bring "humanitarian aid" (nobody know what is really there) to the opressed curd people who are held hostage by Turkey at the east of their country, near the border with Iraq and Syria..

What would happen to these boats? Would Turk soldiers land inside the boat and take upon themselves the danger to their lives of being attacked the way it happened near Gaza? Come on, you are not stupid. They would sink all the boats from far away with all the people inside. Those who managed to survive the sinking would be taken to fast-track trial and executed in public places for "spying" or something similar. This is Turk civilization. And who would be blamed and condemned for it? Israel, of course, for putting up that provocation !


I have two big deceptions here: one is with international press which buys this crap and spread it around. And second is with many countries in the world, specially in Europe, which happilly play around with this crap.

The world has shown that in many places, specially in many countries in Europe, they still believe that "a good jew is the one who walks quietly to death, without reacting". Every other jew is bad and should be condemned for whatever he does. I think that the only country in Europe who has really moved from this idea is Germany, and even on their case not the whole population. People still believe that they should leave Israel to fight by itself Islamic fanatic terror, since giving the terrorrists the chance to eliminate Israel will do two jobs: one, kill the jews, and two, make Islamists more friendly with them.

This is a big mistake: Islam claims that all places where it has been during history belong to Islam. Putting this on the map it means from the US in the west and until Indonesia in the East. So at the time that people put their heads in a whole in the ground and pretend that the danger is only a problem of Israel, they bring closer the day in which they will wake up, in the middle of Europe or the US, with fanatics throwing rocks at them, firing at them, exploding themselves at them, and telling them that they don't have the right to be there, that this is Islam land.

So, if this is what you want for your future, enjoy yourself. I continue to believe that terrorism is a problem of the whole world, and the only one that is doing the right thing is Israel. And all those that condemn it are no more than a bunch of cowards, or in best case, deadly ignorants.

UPDATE:  There is one interesting update which came out lately: Israel has transferred all the humanitarian aid material in trucks to Gaza in trucks, under UN supervision. After the material was transferred from the Israeli trucks to the trucks from Gaza, at the Karni passage, and the trucks went into Gaza with the material (still under UN supervision), all the trucks were confiscated by Hammas and taken to their headquarters, from there the material (not under UN supervision anymore) was distributed to members of Hammas and their families and never made its way to general population. The UN never said a word about it, never complained, and this took only secondary place in some smaller newspapers. Why? You answer it.

Another interesting update that has been appearing already in the Israeli press, and curiously not spread by the press abroad is the inventory of the people that were in the Mavi Marmara ship: between the peace activists, 100 warriors, including mercenary soldiers and soldiers in well known arab armies.

Israel has released one movie from the security cameras of the Mavi Marmara which shows the people there preparing weapons even before they saw the first Israeli troop. Here is the video:

Surely, no newspaper abroad has ever linked to it. Why? Again, you answer it, if my answers above were not enough.