HTC's feast of news stories

HTC is quite quiet in the last days, but the blogosphere is boiling with news coming from the company, somehow..... maybe it justifies the slogan:

They stay quiet and the others make them brilliant..... what do you say?

Anyway, besides the announcement of the Desire HD and Desire Z from last week, there are a number of new stories about them from the last two days coming from different sources, and I am trying to put them all together here.

So, let's start from the beginning:


WP7 devices launch

We are told by ENGADGET that an executive of the company has confirmed the launch of WP7 phones for October. More than that, he told that until the end of the year they will launch 5 new models, but the mix between WP7 and Android is still unknown. Put those 5 phones together with the 6 they have already launched this year and that makes 11 phones in one year, a remarkable mark for HTC.


The Trophy has come out to the air in a big picture:

I couldn't understand why Pocketnow says in their comments that it is unsure what phone we are looking at, since we can see the name Trophy in the first lines of the screen. There aren't many details about it, but in the screen we can also see 8GB of storage. For the rest, we will have to wait. The original writeup, together with an additional photo, is at PocketNow.

HTC HD7 (or should we say HTC HD3?)

Much has been said about this device lately, with mockups, schematics, and all sort of articles and gossips. But this is the first time we see real photos of it, and see for the first time that it seems that the name of the device which will inherit the HD2 will be HD3.

A front view of the device.

A back view. Don't worry, that silver part in the top is neither broken nor it is a can opener..... it is a Kickstand for keeping the device standing when you are interested in seeing movies or anything that needs it to stand on a table.

Some additional pictures and the original story at the WMPOWERUSER.


Though the company continues to fight back the gossips and affirm it is not planning to launch a tablet computer, this time is the time of DIGITIMES to publish its own story saying that the Taiwanese manufacturer PEGATRON has received the order to build the HTC Tablet. PEGATRON is the company building the iPAD, so it is interesting to know what will happen in the future in this strange love triangle.

Maybe the tablet will look like this, but I have serious doubts about it.

What is known at this point is that the processor will be an NVIDIA Tegra 2, screen resolution 1280x720, Bluetooth, Wifi, Internal GPS, 2GB of RAM and 32GB SSD will be inside this device, that will be based on Android with support for Chrome Web-Apps and for the Android Market. There are some assumptions on the possibility of 3G support, and price is said to be around USD 790. Launch is targetted for the first quarter of 2011. The details at DIGITIMES.

This is it for today. Hope to be hearing more from HTC soon.