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One of these days I woke up with a strong desire to listen to good Brazilian music on my HTC Desire. Not something from the hundreds of titles I have on my Media Center, but good random radio programs. I was even thinking on a specific station from Rio de Janeiro.

Being already some months away from Windows Mobile and Spb Radio, I turned to the Android App. Market for help, and found a good number of options. Among them, I found, after trying some others, a free and highly rated application called "TuneIn Radio" by RadioTime. OK, this reminds me good times in the past, let's see it.

I can tell you at this point that this is the app. that stayed installed in my device. The details you can get after the break.


I have used RadioTime in the first years of the 2000's, but I must confess I was surprised they have survived. At that time the internet was slow, streming was almost impossible if you lived outside of the US, and users did not know much and used to reflect network problems on the quality of the service provided. But it seems these guys had a good business case and managed to hold on until the network allowed them to provide their service all around. Today, with the speed of broadband we have everywhere, it is a joy to stream radio from around the world.

RadioTime exists since 2002, and is based in Dallas, Texas. They operate a website which allows everyone to come in, choose a radio station, and listen to it. If you are a registered user (registration is free!), you can also manage a Presets page with your favorite station.

(RadioTime's main page)

(my Presets page)

Maybe because until some months ago I was using Windows Mobile and happy with SPB Radio, the big surprise for me was the fact that they had mobile clients. And it came out to be that this was one of their strong points. The clients exist almost for every available platform, and they are definitely very good.

Let's take a look at them.



This is the Android client. You can see the main page and the page of the station being played. Look at the options there, including the "Add to Presets" button. Yes, you can also login to the software, and your presets will be saved at the account level, meaning presets are synchronized among all the clients we use, included various phone platforms and the website at the PC.


The "Now Playing" page at the iPhone. Different platform but same functionality.


The application is also present in Blackberry, and above you can see the same pages at this platform. The design is quite different, but the options are still the same.



Yes, even the webOS fans can enjoy this application at its full functionality.


RadioTime has one of the most comprehensive lists of radio stations in the web, and I can tell that streaming has been flawless since the moment I have connected to it in the computer and installed my TuneIn Radio software at the HTC desire.

At this moment I have a preset page with some 9 stations, some of them from Brazil for the time I miss the Brazilian music, and some of them from Israel for the times I am abroad.

I have finally found a good use for my stereo headset, and now I have one more reason to purchase the stereo amplifier and speakers for the Burgman !!!

RadioTime's website -

The TuneIn Radio applications are available in the various application markets for the different platforms.