The Czech T-Mobile campaign with Chuck Norris

Just found a series of 4 videos from the TV campaign that T-Mobile has created in the Czech Republic with the great help of the veteran actor Chuck Norris.

The story is simple: Chuck Norris enjoys a multi-generation popularity in the Czech Republic. His movies were the first signs of western culture there even before the end of the Cold War, when movies entered the country illegally. As well, after the opening of the country to the west, when TV series from the US became popular there, one of the most popular was "Walker: Texas Ranger". So his popularity goes from people that are today in their 60's and until those that are from the internet generation.

The ads put him visiting the Czech Repulic at a local family's home and trying to put up with the local costumes, not necessarily successfully. They are all in Czech, but it is fun to see it even like this.

BTW, "brusli" - and not Bruce Lee - is a Czech word meaning "ice skating" or something close to that.

The 4 videos are after the break.