Converting Plastic back into Oil

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This video was found by a friend of mine, Diana, who published a link to it on Facebook. Thanks, Diana, couldn't be better.

In the crazy lives we live we do a lot of damage to the planet, and most of us don't even notice that. One of the biggest damages we have been doing during the last full century is the irresponsible use of oil, which is taken in quantities from our underground, refined, used, and left around as waste of variable forms: plastic, PVC, synthetic rubber, and all kinds of other things.

The developed world is just in the beginning of its learning on recycling, and until now most of the recycling technologies, though important, fail on achieving the objective of creating recycled products which can be important to our daily lives.

One of the important developments of these recycling technologies was a process invented in Israel that makes possible turning used tyres into asphalt. The first full road made of recycled asphalt from tyres has just been built near Haifa.

But I believe that what we see in this video is something that goes beyond all: a Japanese scientist managed to build a machine which through a simple process recycles plastic waste back into oil. From 1Kg of plastic waste we can obtain 1 liter of oil, and this can be used as is or processed into gasoline, diesel or kerosene. Consider that for every Kg of plastic burnt around the world we emit 3 liters of CO2, and we conclude it can also help very much cleaning our air.

Here is the video:

I hope this guy manage to create a commercial product out of this prototype, which can be built, sold for acceptable prices, and held in every home. I would be glad to reprocess all my plastic waste into gasoline and fill my tank with it. You don't need to be an environmentalist in order to love the idea...... specially when you consider the current gasoline prices.