The hole in the wall

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This story follows the story published yesterday about good people willing to change the world by the availability of technology for the masses.

India is a place where 1 billion people live, actually 1 out of every 6 people in the planet. It is a place full of social and cultural differences, and 50% of its population cannot read. The poor population in the country has no access to computers or to the Internet.

One good man, a manager in a technology company, started a private project called "The hole in the wall", in which he installed computers in different local slums and encouraged the local children to try to use it.

It is beautiful to see the results of the project; children without any previous computer experience just "taught themselves" how to use it and found their way through the internet to the places that interested them.

Any additional words are a waste. Just watch the video:

I wish there were more people like this man and his Japanese friend from the previous post. If mankind was more dedicated to these projects and less to hate we would surely live in a much better world.