Android Users: now you can take our site with you

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OK, I admit: this site does not get updated every day.

The reason for that is simple, this is mostly an opinion & blog website, and I care to come here and update it only when I have something to say.

Considering this, I always try to provide tools that will facilitate receiving the site updates even when users don't come here everyday.

Well, this is the deal with our new functionality for Android Users:


We have published a new Android application which brings all the updates directly from the website. You can set this application to sync with the website automatically according to a schedule you choose, or to sync manually only. When syncing, all the updates on the site will be brought to the palm of your hand, and you will see them in the list you have in the left. Read items will have our icon in B&W, unread items will have it in color.

Choosing one item you will see it as it appears in the right. Even videos can be seen directly in the client module. At the end of each article you will have the links to the comments and to the website page.

The application is already live at the Android Market, and you can find it by searching for Born Mobile or by using your barcode scanner with the following barcode: