Samsung S9110 Wristwatch - comfortable, surely, but is it secure?

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I have just come back from another motorcycle ride of evening + morning to the Golan Heights, and found in my mailbox a press-release from Samsung regarding the launch of the S9110 Wristwatch.

The S9110 Wristwatch is a phone-in-a-watch model from Samsung, very slim and stylish.

It sports a capacitive touch screen, MP3 player, an internal speaker and support for Bluetooth 2.1 and A2DP. Additionally, the watch supports synchronization to Outlook, voice commands and memos, and will include an internal non-expandable 40MB memory for content. It is a 2G phone for frequencies 900/1800, meaning that at least at this point our frineds in North America are out of the map for this phone. Battery is 630 mAh.

The phone is to be released next month in France for 450 Euro.

My main question is: I am already quite bothered with the fact that I carry my phone in the pocket or hanging on my belt 8-10 hours a day... is it really secure to have a GSM device stuck on your arm with zero distance 24 hours a day?