How NOT to use Powerpoint

Thanks to Tammy Goren who caught my attention with this movie on her Facebook post.

In 32 years of career in the IT industry, I have done a lot of presenting, and also seen a lot of presentations. What to say, if there is something we are very used to seeing is BAD presentations prepared by people who have never had any training in presentation skills.

Presentation is an art, and it takes time to learn. However, preparing a good presentation in Powerpoint is nowadays an important part of this art, and it can save or destroy a presentation.

Since learning how to do it can be a long study, a guy called Don McMillan, who is a former chip designer who managed to turn his career into a laughing subject, made a video that at least teaches, in a very interesting way, what NOT TO DO with Powerpoint.

Here is the video:


BTW, Don McMillan owns a website called Tecnically Funny, in which you will find a lot more of corporate funny stuff.