Making good video calls without a front-facing camera

Sometimes the ideas are just there under our noses and we need a genious to see them there.

We are all aware of the quantity of video-calling applications for smartphones coming out lately: SIPDroid, Fring, Skype, Tango, Yahoo! Messenger, and probably the next version of Google Voice.

However, most of us are still with phones from the previous generation that don't have a front facing camera: iPhone 3GS, Google Nexus One, HTC Desire, and many others.

In this case, all this video-calling stuff is quite non-relevant, right?


Please meet the Vainworks Stand, a brilliant idea by Phil Farrand. Phil was kind of disappointed that he couldn't do video-calling without a front-facing camera, and decided to solve the problem. What he built was a stand made of mirrors at specific angles that turn the back camera into a front-facing one. Look at the video demoing the stand with Fring (note his own image with the orange shirt at the small picture):


Best of all, instead of paying some hundreds of dollars to upgrade your phone, you can pay $19.95 on this stand or $29.95 on a double package with two stands. Choose what you do, one for you and one for your wife, one for home and one for office, etc.

More info, videos and purchase at this link.