Video of the Burgman Club Israel tour to Yatir Forest, Susiya and Lahav Forest

There are some really beautiful places in Israel, and I believe that I would not get to many of them if it wasn't for the Israel Burgman Club I am part of. Riding around the country is a great experience, and riding with friends make it even better.

This time we have been at Yatir Forest, Susiya and Lahav Forest. From all, I need to talk a little about Susiya, the first Hebrew cities found in this land, dating from the 3rd century AD. This archeological site shows a city actually near the size of Tel Mond, a town near where I live. It seems that many thousands of people lived there, and one can find there in the site the homes, the burial caves, and an enormous synagogue which seems to have been the center of a very rich community.

We left Tel Aviv with cloudy weather and a chance of rain, but as we proceeded South the weather became blue and beautiful, though very cold.

Here is the video of the trip:

This is it. I hope you have enjoyed. Another tour is bound to happen on March 30th. Stay tuned and I surely will have what to say.