TuneIn Radio adds two more platforms to their mobile offer

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Many of the readers here probably still remember the review I've done some months ago about RadioTime and TuneIn Radio.

I have re-visited the TuneIn Radio website today to see what is new around there, and was surprised to see that they have added two additional mobile platforms: WP7 and BADA !


So from now on more people can enjoy their 40,000+ radio stations from around the world while on the roads. Just download the software from your platform's webstore, set yourself a user at www.radiotime.com, set there your preset stations, login with the same user in your mobile device, and enjoy the music.

I enjoy it in 3 ways:

- During walks with a good wired headset.
- At home with my Bluetooth A2DP headset.
- In my motorcycle trips: I have installed in the Burgman the 100W Shark Amplifier & Speakers like this one, and with the silence provided by the Burgman large windshield, I can enjoy music at any speed up to 120 Km/h.

The interesting thing is that with the current offer of clients, it turns out that TuneIn Radio's client for the iPhone is the only one you need to pay for. All the others are free. Interesting to know what brought them to this weird decision.....

Meanwhile, enjoy your music in whatever platform you may be.