Samsung I7500 - the first Android in Israel

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Around three hours ago I have received a press-release from Suny Telecom, the Samsung distributor in Israel, and Cellcom, the largest operator in the country, telling me that the Samsung I7500 (also known as the Samsung Galaxy) has been released by Suny and Cellcom.

The I7500 is the first Android-based phone to be sold by a mobile operator in Israel, and opens a brand new set of possibilities to the Israeli user: a new open source OS with a touch-screen and an advanced user interface, access to the Android Application Store, and much more.

Cellcom is the third mobile operator in the world to launch this device, and this is very good for a change; we were kind of used to the fact that devices used to arrive here 6-9 months after they arrive everywhere else, if ever. So the change is very strong, and I hope Sunny keeps it going with the new Windows Mobile devices from Samsung.

Another very interesting change here is on the fact that differently from the I7500 in other parts in the world, the Israeli ROM includes Exchange OTA synchronization, thanks to an agreement put in place between Suny Telecom and Dataviz, the developers of Roadsync.

All in all, this is a thrilling device, and it marks the beginning of the Android attack to Israel. It is of my knowledge it will soon be followed by the HTC Magic in another network.

So it seems we will be seeing a lot of Androids in the near future.