How new phone gossip is created and companies lose control of it

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Today I came into my daily task of updating and while taking a look at I found the following beginning paragraph on a piece of news about a new Xperia X5 concept phone:

"Sony Ericsson is really going strong on this. They have created the Sony Ericsson X5 concept phone. This is based on the design of Shane A. Bygrave, who created the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X5 Android phone."

I went to check their link and it pointed to an article at GSM Dome. This one also very detailed and reliable, looking like the phone already existed at the form of a prototype or something similar. It even included the following Sony-Ericsson announcement:

Looking good. Suddenly I noticed the sentence at the top-right of the image above: "X5 is Andriod". Yes, Andriod, not Android. It looked to me very difficult that SE would release such an announcement with such a mistake.

So I decided to continue following the links and get up to the source. That wasn't too difficult. GSMDOME pointed to this article at Concept Phones which on its turn linked to this entry at a forum called Esato. Up to here everything looked fine, until I saw that this was page 29 in the thread. I went to page one to see what it was about and found: "Here you can post your concepts (either your original or the rumor based one) designed using any kind of image editing softwares or even your own skills in drawing!"

So, at the end, the conclusion after reading many pages of the same thread is: there isn't such a concept phone, this is a long-shot wish designed by one of the readers of the forum, someone from Jamaica called Shane A. Bygrave. The guy has great Photoshop skills, but seems to mispell Android.

I see nothing wrong with the forum giving their readers the ability to express their wishes on how they want their future phones to be. Maybe one day SE will look at this thread and get some ideas for very good phones. And the work by Shane is really a dream-phone, btw. But it will stay as a dream only meanwhile. And then the wrong part is with all the blogs which say they are doing news work publishing such a thing as a real concept phone by SE without taking a couple of additional clicks to verify their source. It turns out that it was quite easy to find the fake on this one.

We say we do journalistic work, and claim to be professional as real newspapers are. In this case, it is unacceptable to find such things spreading around the network.

Just my two cents.