Now, some details about me

OK, after the site introduction, some details about me and my favorite gear:


  • Facebook name: Helio Diamant
  • Twitter page:
  • Current Primary Phone: Samsung Omnia
  • Current Secondary Phone: HTC Advantage 7500
  • Current Netbook: Acer AspireOne
  • Current Motorcycle: Suzuki Burgman AN650 2005


As a consultant, I go around the country and visit customers most of the time. I do around 2,500Km per month visiting 3-4 customers a day sometimes, and this would be financially and technically unfeasible with a car. So I decided to unite business and pleasure and bought a Suzuki Burgman AN650. Actually that was the only bike that I found that would keep me walking on two legs after 2,500Km per month.


The phones I use are mainly business phones. The Omnia is my favorite phone, I use it for mostly everything I do. It is my voice device, my mail device, I use it for posts at Twitter and Facebook, video streaming with Qik, and pictures in general. Since I have it I never took a camera with me again. The Advantage is more of a GPS and Tethering device. I mainly use it for navigation purposes (with a good mount at the motorcycle), for functions in which I need a bigger screen but not a laptop, and for connecting the Netbook to the internet in places in which I don't have WiFi.


In the past I wouldn't take a laptop with me in the streets, unless I was travelling abroad. Since the beginning of this year, and mainly due to the fact that I began doing router installations for a cellular operator, I need a computer. So the netbook was the perfect choice for me. It is small, it is light, and it can go with me everywhere.


Well, besides being a consultant in Israel, I also do software exports to Latin America, working mainly with Magic Software Enterprises. You will also hear this name in the future. The netbook fits well also in the job of being my computer abroad. I can do demos, presentations, and be in touch with everything happening at home through that small screen. And it is fun to see everybody tampering with their suitcases to take the notebook out for airport security when I can do it with one hand only.


Making this an introduction, I believe we will have a lot to talk about in the future. Stay tuned.