A traumatic experience - probably only for me

Today I have gone through a traumatic experience that probably every parent in Israel goes through: my daughter Keren proved to me that she is not so little anymore and was recruited to the army.


Keren and me

I did the army at a late age, 28, and the experience today took me back to my own recruitment experience. The day spent there waiting for being transferred to boot-camp, the boot-camp itself and the year in the army, etc.

I remember I liked the experience then. I had a good time there. But as a father, I don't know what is more difficult, the fact that she is going to the army for the next 2 years or the knowledge that she is not a little girl and doesn't "belong" to me anymore.

Keren entering the bus

Other than that, I am sure she is going to have a great time there, as she is a girl that looks at everything very positively. She will probably be doing paramedic functions and I am happy she will be busy saving lives, not the opposite.

The phone connection

Surely I had to take care about her connectivity there. It is already around one year that she has been using my old Motorola Q9h smartphone. At the time she began using it I opened to her an account at my exchange server, and since then she has Push Mail and is quite happy with it.

The great Q9h

Now it's come the time to get her ready for being away from her computer for long times. As such, I took the following providences:

  1. Defined her Windows Messenger and Skype accounts so that she can communicate to her friends (and to us if possible?) whenever she feels alone.
  2. Installed the new Microsoft facebook application, so that she can upload images to her facebook account whenever possible and update her status.
  3. Just told her something dangerous: that during the service she can talk and use the data options of the phone as much as she wants and I will be paying the full bill.

I guess that with these actions taken, I am confident her mobile army will be as joyful and connected as it can be. And I hope it will help me know a little more of the happenings with her there......

Have fun and be well, my girl !