Announcement Season is beginning

I guess we are getting the first signs that Announcements Season is arriving.

The first sign comes from the beginning of the week, and from far away in Taiwan. HTC has announced the HTC Mega, a phone that would make a lot of people very happy around one year or one-and-a-half year ago:

The specs include a 528MHz processor, Bluetooth, Wifi b/g, WCDMA/HSPA, A-GPS, a 3.2MP camera, and more. As I said, those would be impressive specs on that period, and now it is a midrange device only. But I quite believe that a lot of people will be very happy on spending less money on a new device and getting THIS midrange device.

Second on line was Nokia yesterday, with the Nokia Booklet:

This beautiful netbook will include cellular data communication HSPA, an Atom 1.6MHz processor, a 120GB hard drive, A-GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, and Windows (no details on which flavour, but Windows 7 is  expected).

Nokia has even published a teaser video of the device:

Next on line is expected to be Sony Ericsson next week, and from their base we expect to hear about the XPeria X2:

This is a WM6.5 device, and if they are fast enough they might be the first company to release a WM6.5 device to the shelves, before HTC and Samsung. Let's wait and see.

I expect that we will have a lot of announcements from now and until nearly the end of October. And then the launches. Oh, God, this IS a happy period in the year.....