Happy Jewish New Year

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The Jewish community all around the world is at this moment in the middle of the Rosh HaShana (New Year) holiday. This will be year 5770, and everybody is turning their eyes to heaven to ask for a good year. So let's see what this new year can mean for us at the mobile community:

In the world scenery, maybe this marks the end of an year of crisis, that began with the collapse of Lehman Bros. bank around last year's holiday.

In the area of mobility, this has been an exciting year, with iPhone 3GS (which brought some disappointment), Android, and a great number of new developments.

Still in this area, the next year is very promising: Windows Mobile 6.5 is just around the block on October 6, with dozens of new devices being launched together with it. It is also the year in which we will begin getting the picture of what will Windows Mobile 7 be.

For those who haven't seen it yet, this comment by Paul Spain states that there are nowadays around 1,000 people at Microsoft working on Windows Mobile 7, and this is a reasonable amount of people to show that WM7 is today one of the centers of efforts at Microsoft.

In the corporate world of today, companies seem to shine exactly at the moments they are trailing the line and searching for a better position in the market, rather than at the moments they are leading the market. We have seen that with Microsoft before, and also with some of their competition. So, for some reason, I have some very good gut feelings regarding where Windows Mobile will be in one year from now.

To tell you all the truth, I hope Windows Mobile is not the only one to evolve. I have been lately using part-time an Android phone, and I think it has great potential, if only there are more applications for it. I believe this platform has everything it needs to be one leading platform in one year from now.

Regarding iPhone, I have been playing with one again, after two years of abduction; this as a result to the near launch of iPhone in Israel and my need to be ready to support users here. It is incredible to me that it hasn't made almost any progress since then. But apart from my natural bad feelings to Apple and it corporate behaviour, there is no discussion that it is the perfect media-phone for the consumer marketing, and maybe this is where Apple wants it - selling millions of units, how it is, and with no need for too many development efforts from the part of the company. So we need to say "chapeau" in recognition to their success in this area.

Anyway, a year is over, an exciting year is just around the block, and I hope everybody is thrilled with entering it just as I am.

Shana Tova - Happy New Year !!!