ThrottleMeister - Some kind of motorcycle Cruise Control

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I arrived two days ago from my trip to Latin America, and there it was waiting for me: a package with a new set of a ThrottleMeister FT + AZ6, which fits a Burrgman AN650 from 2005 and up. So I have decided to record the installation process and put it here for anyone interested.

Will our cellular phones be our next Credit Card?

During the last 2-3 days we have been bombed by news from two of the main phone producers in the world, Motorola and Nokia, both claiming to have achieved the "next thing" in the mobile phone arena: the ability to use the mobile phone as a financial/commercial tool.

First was Nokia, which has announced their Nokia Money service, operated jointly with Obopay:

Announcement Season is beginning

I guess we are getting the first signs that Announcements Season is arriving.

The first sign comes from the beginning of the week, and from far away in Taiwan. HTC has announced the HTC Mega, a phone that would make a lot of people very happy around one year or one-and-a-half year ago:

Video Comparison: the new phone screens, how they compare to each other?

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The guys from HDBlog.IT have created a video with a comparison between all the new phones in terms of their screens, and how they perform indoors and outdoors. Here is the video:

Some conclusions:

1. iPhone is still the best screen but differences are minimal comparing to the new AMOLED screens.

2. The old Omnia, that satisfies me so much in terms of its screen, looks terrible in comparison to the new generation of screens.

Proporta announces new mobile speakers with a battery

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Proporta has announced the new Proporta Twisted Speakers, a set of two small speakers that can connect to devices such as computers, iPods, iPhones and other cellular phones that have a 3.5 mm jack connector.

The nice part of this speakers is that they have their own battery (actually 3 replaceable AAA batteries), so they don't drain the battery of the device they are connected to.

Some highlights:

A rooster on jet-lag

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This is quite a bit off-topic, but it is a nice story, so here it goes.

Lately Philips decided to challenge their wake-up light in the following way: they wanted to see if the light can cause Simon, a farm rooster, to crow 2 hours before time, at 3:00 AM.

They have prepared a full environment with cameras, timers, and the wake-up light at Simon's farmhouse. The idea is to make the wake-up light turn on at 3AM, but not at once as usually, but instead through a fade-up mechanism that will simulate sunrise.

The result can be seen in the video below:

Twitter and Facebook attacked - to shut up a political foul?

Probably some readers of this site have noticed that the last update to Twitter has been done manually, two days after the article was originally posted.

Yes, Twitter and other social networks have been under a strong DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack that is creating much trouble there. Twitter has even been out of the air for some time two days ago.

Proporta USB Turbo Charger - finally I can charge my Omnia while on my way


I have been noticing lately that in every gadget-related conversation, while listening to my customers and friends, I always come out with a similar conclusion: one of the biggest concerns of mostly everybody today is the battery life of the devices that we take in our pockets.

I guess it has always been like this, people want to get the most of the device before having to bother charging it. But it was during the last years, with the advent of the 3G and 3.5G phones, that things became harder on users; 3G drinks more juice from the battery than 2G, and although we are not willing to give-up on 3G, we want our battery to take us at least through a full 24-hour day. And in many cases it doesn't.

I have many customers who take a second battery for their phones in their pockets, all the time. This is a way to go. But then, what if our problem doesn't finish with the phone and we are multi-devices kinds of people, who carry besides the phone also a camera, an iPod, and other devices? Here is where the Proporta USB Charger comes in.

Nice story: cellular technology being used for saving lives in Brazil

A nice video from Nokia shows that in the city of Manaus, in the middle of the Amazonic jungle, the local government is using E71s to fight the spread of the Dengue Fever.

The device is used mainly as a data-capture device, which transmits data about danger areas and preventive treatments done to the authority labs directly at the moment of its capture.

In the video below, you can see the report by the government agent, that tells that information that once (on the days of the paper forms) would take two months to get to them now arrives in the same day.

Mobile Lifestyle: things I do with my smartphone

This site, as it is said in our moto top line, speaks about Mobile Lifestyle. So it is time to write a little more about it, and tell some main aspects of one of the most important mobility accessories of today's life, the cellphone.

So, first things first: what is Mobile Lifestyle in my point of view?

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