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Windows Mobile 6.5 October attack

I am beginning to get news from many directions regarding an expected October attack by Microsoft.

We all know for some time that October 22nd is the date of Windows 7 launch, and not only the company but the whole world is getting ready for that.

Lately I am beginning to see press releases and articles placing October 6th as a D-Day for WM6.5.

Will our cellular phones be our next Credit Card?

During the last 2-3 days we have been bombed by news from two of the main phone producers in the world, Motorola and Nokia, both claiming to have achieved the "next thing" in the mobile phone arena: the ability to use the mobile phone as a financial/commercial tool.

First was Nokia, which has announced their Nokia Money service, operated jointly with Obopay:

Announcement Season is beginning

I guess we are getting the first signs that Announcements Season is arriving.

The first sign comes from the beginning of the week, and from far away in Taiwan. HTC has announced the HTC Mega, a phone that would make a lot of people very happy around one year or one-and-a-half year ago:

iPhone, the moment of truth: most operators loose money with it

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I have been reading during the weekend a 105-page report on the iPhone by Strand Consult fromScandinavia. The title of the report is "The moment of truth - a portrait of the iPhone". It happens to be a very interesting report, killing a lot of conceptions that are taken as "holy cows" in the industry.

I cannot distribute the report here for copyright reasons. What I can offer is some personal conclusions and the recommendation to anyone interested to get the report for free directly from Strand.

How new phone gossip is created and companies lose control of it

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Today I came into my daily task of updating and while taking a look at I found the following beginning paragraph on a piece of news about a new Xperia X5 concept phone:

"Sony Ericsson is really going strong on this. They have created the Sony Ericsson X5 concept phone. This is based on the design of Shane A. Bygrave, who created the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X5 Android phone."

Video: United breaks guitars

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I couldn't avoid a smile when I saw this story, a smile of fun, but mostly of admiration. And since travelling is mobility, I think that the story needs to be told here.

So here is the case, in the words of the author Dave Carroll, as you can see in his site

Crazy Mathematics

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I usually get many mails with peculiar stories, pictures or articles. They are usually to dull to reproduce on a website, but this week I have received one that has been puzzling me for the last two days. It goes by the name of "Crazy Mathematics", and has been first submitted by the Department of Economics of the PUC (the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

I haven't found the solution for it yet, and would love to hear some ideas. Here is how it goes:

Twitter and Facebook attacked - to shut up a political foul?

Probably some readers of this site have noticed that the last update to Twitter has been done manually, two days after the article was originally posted.

Yes, Twitter and other social networks have been under a strong DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack that is creating much trouble there. Twitter has even been out of the air for some time two days ago.

Samsung S9110 Wristwatch - comfortable, surely, but is it secure?

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I have just come back from another motorcycle ride of evening + morning to the Golan Heights, and found in my mailbox a press-release from Samsung regarding the launch of the S9110 Wristwatch.

The S9110 Wristwatch is a phone-in-a-watch model from Samsung, very slim and stylish.

Can someone tell me what to do with 900,000 iPhones?

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Well, the market here in Israel has been soaring during the last month-and-a-half. Apple has signed contracts to begin selling the iPhone here..... with all three big cellular operators in parallel.

Some facts:

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