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Nice story: cellular technology being used for saving lives in Brazil

A nice video from Nokia shows that in the city of Manaus, in the middle of the Amazonic jungle, the local government is using E71s to fight the spread of the Dengue Fever.

The device is used mainly as a data-capture device, which transmits data about danger areas and preventive treatments done to the authority labs directly at the moment of its capture.

In the video below, you can see the report by the government agent, that tells that information that once (on the days of the paper forms) would take two months to get to them now arrives in the same day.

VOIP blocking at Israeli Cellular Operators?

An interesting story has been concerning all smartphone users in Israel at the latest weeks. Although this is currently our concern, I quite believe it is a subject of concern in the whole world, and I would like to comment it here.


A traumatic experience - probably only for me

Today I have gone through a traumatic experience that probably every parent in Israel goes through: my daughter Keren proved to me that she is not so little anymore and was recruited to the army.


Keren and me

I did the army at a late age, 28, and the experience today took me back to my own recruitment experience. The day spent there waiting for being transferred to boot-camp, the boot-camp itself and the year in the army, etc.

Now, some details about me

OK, after the site introduction, some details about me and my favorite gear:


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