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Unipaas Gol: Guess winners of S.Africa World Cup and reach the Hall of Fame

This is a very interesting and enjoyable marketing project in which I have been involved during my last trip to Latin America.

Roca Sistemas, which is the Mexican distributor of Magic Software's products, has developed a game which will help us keep track of the results of the South Africa World Cup which is beginning in 6 days.

The application is simple: You register, log-in, and are presented with all the games in the competition, and you can guess the winner (or tie) for each game. We can begin with an initial guess, and then in the continuation of the tournament update our guesses for all the future games according to the performance of the teams. Games are locked 1 hour before they actually begin.

The competition does NOT carry prizes and there is no participation fee. The only purpose of participating is seeing your names in the TOP 5 Hall of  Fame.

The application is built using Magic Software's Unipaas RIA technology (RIA = Rich Internet Applications), one of the leading technologies for the fast development of RIA and SaaS applications. It can run on PCs and on Windows Mobile cellphones. More details after the break.

RIA is about to begin helping mobile users in Mexico

I am currently on a trip to Latin America, to visit Magic's distributors in the area. Surely, even when travelling, I can't help noticing things happening in the mobile arena.

First thing, it is impressive to see the progress GSM has made in Mexico in the last year. If last year we would have in most cases 2G only and the only company offering 3G somehow was USACELL, today I am crossing the city North to South, East to West, with 3G coverage all over the place.

Finally, quick development of Mobile Enterprise Applications for Windows Mobile

In the beginning of last June I travelled to Brazil to conduct an event for the Magic Software distributor there. With me, the president of Magic Americas, Regev Yativ. My role was not only to conduct the event, but to demonstrate for the first time in the world Magic's RIA Client for Mobile.

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