Mobiscope: Surveillance cameras without spending much

Many times we feel the need to have surveillance cameras at home or at the office. It could be the office at the times we are not there, home during a vacation period, or even a hidden camera to verify how our elderly relatives or children are being taken care by their nurses or babysitters.

However, the price of such a system can be very high. Something quite outrageous, considering that most systems existing today are appliances based on two common technologies: network cameras and PCs.

So what could we do to get similar results without going bankrupt and getting access to the cameras from everywhere? Here is where Mobiscope comes in.

The details after the break.

HTC HD2 - The review

Lately I have been through a small motorcycle accident and had to slow down my activities for some days. Well, thanks to my friends at Newpan, the local HTC distributor, this has become a less difficult task when they lent me an HTC Touch HD2 so that I can get a review done.

The original review (in Hebrew), has been posted at MobilityFreak at this link.

So here is the baby:

I think I can begin by saying that this phone is a design masterpiece. I have never touched a phone which is so big in size and screen and yet feels so right in the hand and so comfortable in the pocket. So this is a first point to HTC.

You will be able to see the full review with many more pictures and a video demonstration in the full article page.

 Here is a small size comparison between the HD2 and my Omnia:

Re-visiting Qik

One of the Internet startups that I have been following with most interest during the last year is Qik.

For those who don't know it, Qik is a video streaming service based on mobile use. They have clients for a long list of mobile phones, and these clients allow the phone user to stream his videos directly to the Internet.

Qik managed to create a compression algorythm that makes the video streaming to their site impressively fast. They work over 3G and if you have a good data plan you just won't feel it.

Proporta USB Turbo Charger - finally I can charge my Omnia while on my way


I have been noticing lately that in every gadget-related conversation, while listening to my customers and friends, I always come out with a similar conclusion: one of the biggest concerns of mostly everybody today is the battery life of the devices that we take in our pockets.

I guess it has always been like this, people want to get the most of the device before having to bother charging it. But it was during the last years, with the advent of the 3G and 3.5G phones, that things became harder on users; 3G drinks more juice from the battery than 2G, and although we are not willing to give-up on 3G, we want our battery to take us at least through a full 24-hour day. And in many cases it doesn't.

I have many customers who take a second battery for their phones in their pockets, all the time. This is a way to go. But then, what if our problem doesn't finish with the phone and we are multi-devices kinds of people, who carry besides the phone also a camera, an iPod, and other devices? Here is where the Proporta USB Charger comes in.